Amanya's Background

My name is Anna Brewin and I moved from Kent to Huddersfield in 1991 to study a BSc in Textile Design. After graduating I continued designing printed Textile Designs for furnishings and I started expanding my portfolio into other areas including Surface Pattern, Graphics and Corporate Design. In 2018 an opportunity arose for me to start developing my artwork under my brand, Amanya. This would bring my different skills in Surface pattern, Drawing, Painting, Lettering and Graphics into my varied portfolio. My artwork is created through various means: drawing in pencil and pen; painting in watercolour, gouache, and inks, using pastels to create texture and sometimes painting onto silk too. I traditionally created everything I did on paper, but now use a combination of scanned artwork, photographs and Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign to work on ideas and to create the designs.

Please bear with me with my website! I am in the process of getting everything uploaded on it which is taking time. If there are things you can’t purchase yet please let me know and I’ll prioritise them.

For those of you that don't know about Print on Demand, the plain products are stocked by the suppliers and are only produced when someone orders something. That means there isn't an access of stock and the minimum order is one. The fulfilment centre is chosen depending on where the customer lives, cutting down on travel costs and excess so a great benefit to the environment.

My Designs

My artwork inspiration comes from various sources that are of interest to me.
Originally my designs were for textile prints, so much of what I produced was with that end use in mind. These could be inspired from flowers and natural forms, shapes and patterns or from other things such as motifs or architecture.

As my portfolio has expanded my inspiration has expanded too. Sometimes I will develop ideas based on my love of lettering and graphic styles. Other times I will sketch ideas on characters and animals, to develop cartoon characters. As I have been asked to develop logos, corporate stationery and publicity, I have been simplifying my style and paring it back to be suitable for these customers’ needs. As all designers know, creativity breeds creativity so the more I work on an idea, the more ideas spring from it and take on a life of their own!

When I've been approached about various bespoke projects, I always listen to what the customers are looking for and design with them in mind. 

I have uploaded a selection of work on my site and will be adding to it regularly as I prepare the artwork for the different projects I am working on. Please come back again as more will be added soon.

Small Business Branding

This is a service I offer to small businesses: an all inclusive package to cover all the essentials a new business or rebranded business would need, at very competitive prices. Please get in touch to find out more.

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In addition to my designs I have been developing in a new area of writing courses. These were initially geared towards designers and artists but I was getting feedback from people who weren't in the creative field that the courses were really helping them. The courses cover the various things I have discovered over the years that I think will be of benefit including the vital subject of Intellectual Property.

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