7.1 The Supplier will replace free of charge any Products in which risk has passed to the Customer if they are damaged or lost due to the neglect or default of the Supplier, its employees or other representative. For items purchased through Redbubble and Society6, the Customer is bound by their terms and conditions, and will sign these before completing an order. 

7.2 Apart from Watercolour Collection Notecards, all items are made to order and therefore before requesting a change or cancellation, it is best to check the status of the order. Orders can only be changed or cancelled before production commences, not during or after. For items purchased through Redbubble and Society6, the Customer will need to contact them directly. For other items it is best to call Amanya Design to discuss the order status. Please contact on + 44 7769 923957. Please have the order number or the email address registered with Amanya Design available, so the query can be answered as quickly as possible. Please also see item 7.3.

7.3 The Customer must inform the Supplier by email to giving the Order number and follow it up with a telephone call to Amanya Design if the email is not acknowledged, to confirm receipt at + 44 7769 923957. Emails and telephone calls are answered during business hours (Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm) in the order they are received. It is therefore possible that the Customer's order could begin production before the Customer's email or telephone call is processed and the Supplier will be unable to make any changes requested in the email or telephone call.

7.4 The Customer will be responsible for the cost of returning the goods to the Supplier.

7.5 Refunds cannot be given if the fault is a result of the Customer's own actions such as product misuse or a change of mind.

7.6 The Customer has the right to cancel their order for the purchase of Watercolour Collection Notecards only. All other products are made to order so cannot be cancelled unless production hasn't started. Due to the automated nature of the process with suppliers, they are informed immediately the order is placed, so it may not be possible to stop this process. Call Amanya Design on 07769 923957 to see the status of the order and find out if this is possible. The Customer must return the unused items to the Supplier within 7 days of notifying the Supplier of the cancellation, and must pay the cost of returning the product to the Supplier's nominated address (as stated in 8.7). The Supplier will refund the purchase price the Customer has paid for the product. The Supplier shall refund the standard delivery charges (but not any expedited, tracked or other special delivery charges the Customer may have chosen to pay),  within 7 days of their return. However, if the value of the product has been reduced by any handling of it beyond what is necessary to check whether the product is as expected, the Supplier may deduct an amount to reflect that reduction in value from the sum refunded to the Customer.