3rd Year Entrepreneurial Anniversary

3rd Year Entrepreneurial Anniversary

This last year has not been an easy one for lots of us. For many of us it's been a mixed bag of achievements, blessings and struggles. You may be able to relate.

I don't know if you've felt like this, but in the struggles, I'll be honest, I have felt like quitting at times. You might have too.



Looking back I might have had unrealistic expectations about how long things would take or how easy it would be to achieve them. I've wondered whether I have what it needed to do this.





In the middle of a pandemic we cannot take that for granted. Many have lost loved ones and experienced great tragedy. Others have shown incredible courage and sacrifice in serving others. This last year we have been reminded time and time again that Life is Precious. 

We have been reminded of the simple things in life and how valuable a hug is. 

How much we are grateful for the air we breathe.



But then in contrast, there have been celebrations and wins and things I've conquered and achieved which I'm really grateful for. You may be able to see those for yourself too.

I've taken on challenges and monsters I have not thought I could face and come out winning. Maybe you have some you have fought and won too. 



How many people in history have felt the same way? We don't hear so many stories about those who quit, as their stories don't get so much publicity, but we celebrate those who pressed through the challenges to see their dreams fulfilled. 

How about Thomas Edison, who worked out 1000 ways to NOT make the lightbulb before he succeeded. How easy it would have been for him to quit.



Or how about Steve Jobs who was fired from the company he co-founded.

He then failed at the next 2 companies he set up before being asked to go back to Apple and helped make it the giant it is today. 



Or how about Albert Einstein. He had behavioural issues at school, to the point where he was even expelled.



But his words were "Success is failure in progress."

Like all those who fail and succeed, we need to evaluate our steps along the way to see what needs to change.

But giving up on our dreams should not be one of them.





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