Business Startups - there's so much to consider!

Business Startups - there's so much to consider!

There is so much to think about when you are starting a new business.

Logos, branding, business cards, website, social media, flyers, clothing, advertising and so on. It can get overwhelming when you have so much to take on board at once.


I get it! Being a small business owner myself I know how much work we have to do to get a new venture off the ground, and how often money is being stretched in so many directions.


Taking all that into consideration, I've put a package together to help small businesses get things off the ground without breaking the bank. There are various options you can choose from depending on your business needs.


I provide bespoke illustrated or designed artwork, tailor made to your business, to help you stand out from the competition. The small business package includes:


1. Logo

* Provided in various scaleable formats


2. Business Cards

* 2 x Mock-ups of design Ideas: logo, business name, email, website, work mobile

* Single sided or doubled sided business cards (print costs included)


3. Website


* Website page – with logo, design, information, contact details and reviews

* Fully responsive across desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices

* Domain name and hosting with SSL certificate free for the first year

* Emails connected with domain name

* The website can be developed further as your business grows


4. Branding Book

* Brand guidelines to show how the artwork and fonts are to be used for yourself or when giving onto other suppliers


5. Social Media

* Logo and banner pages for use with Facebook Business, Linked In, Twitter and YouTube or other social media you choose


6. Additional Publicity

You can also choose from one of the following:


a) Flyers - single sided or double sided with printing included


b) Embroidered or printed branded clothing artwork for clothing with image mockups (costs of clothing not included)


c) Vehicle signage artwork and vehicle mockup (costs of production not included)


d) Artwork or Mockups of other promotional products that would be preferred (costs of production not included)


e) Advertising artwork


Further website support packages are available it you'd be interested in these too.


Here is Ciaran's review on the work I did for him:



"Anna has been fantastic in helping me with designs for my new business - she has been incredibly supportive throughout the process and the quality of her work is excellent and the prices competitive. I would highly recommend Anna to anyone looking for designs."


You can see more behind his story here:

Plaxtol Pest and Wildlife Management


If you'd like to know more, please get in touch to discuss your needs and I can price up what you are looking for. The bespoke business package starts at £850.

You can see more about Amanya at my websites: and


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