If you are anything like me, you have not grown up all your life with computers. They came into my life in my teens alongside tape cassettes, stereos and VHS videos.




The computers in the 80s are a world away from the ones we know today and we have watched technology evolve at a fast pace since then. It has been a challenge to keep up.













I recognised in 2006 that if I didn't spend time investing in learning to adapt to the digital age, I would get left behind. So I knew I needed to set aside the time to learn. 


So I set myself the task of taking on the mighty Adobe monsters of Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator just for starters. Having trained to design on paper, I started doing projects using a combination of artwork and computer skills and gradually built up my expertise to use both.

Some of that learning involved the whole issue of file types and sizes, following making lots of mistakes in that journey, I increasingly found what an important issue it was.



How do you know what file type to choose and why? Do you choose CMYK or RGB? When you should use raster or vector files? What's the importance of dots and pixels per inch? How does digital file size matter? What a lossy and lossless files? What about file compression, and what file types do you use when?


I started to gather all that I had been learning over the years and put it together in a simple, straightforward course that you can access for FREE. Check the course out here:



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