Reframing... a different perspective

Reframing... a different perspective

Reframing. I first came across this concept a few months ago. 



The Dictionary of Psychology describes it as follows:

'a process of reconceptualizing a problem by seeing it from a different perspective.'

We have a picture, and when we see it as a whole, it is easy to see the full perspective, all the light and dark areas and how it all fits together. 




But very often we can't see the whole picture in situations and circumstances we find ourselves in and we can take a part of the picture and focus on that area as we see here:


Frame 1


Reframing is trying to take another look at the issue and taking the frame and moving it to another part where we can see a different part of the image and focus upon that instead. Perhaps a lighter part of the picture.


Sky frame 2


Often we can be too close to the situation and we struggle to see the wood for the trees!




Sometimes we need some help to do that, I often find talking to others and getting their perspective helps, we can be too close to be able to see the situation differently. 

Perhaps there have been situations this year in your life that could do with being reframed. In the challenging times we are living in, most of us could probably say that!

Maybe take time to think about this last year and reframe situations so we can look ahead at 2022 with fresh perspective and vision.




And at the end of this year, I would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas and every blessing for 2022. Framed, of course :-)




Love Anna 



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