Intellectual Property - do you know about it?

Intellectual Property - do you know about it?

Do you know about your intellectual property?

I sometimes get into conversations with others and we get chatting about Intellectual Property. So often the response is that they don't know much about it.


Intellectual Property (or more commonly referred to as IP) covers the following:

Types of Intellectual Property


The World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) gives this explanation about IP:

What is Intellectual Property


But 'So what?' I hear you say, how is that of any relevance?

So what?


So often the topic is seen as boring and it's so easy to switch off with legal speak, sorry lawyers and solicitors, but it's true!

This seemingly boring subject is a very important one


But did you know that IP has a far wider impact than just the types of it? It affects everyone as they are being inspired, using other people's creations, creating and making money through creativity and so on. We are surrounded by issues of IP every day and little do we realise just how much it is a part of our lives and also how it affects us.

IP impacts upon...


IP is something I have learnt about to implement in my design journey and doing it for myself has lead me to help others too.

I wrote this course as a designer


I wrote this course as a designer, trying to avoid the legal speak that so often seems like a different language to what we use everyday and quite often can be very confusing.

not using confusing legal jargon


I have made it practical in ways you can implement in your everyday design practice, so that the subject actually becomes something worth learning about, not something to fall asleep to!

For your peace of mind, the content has been checked by IP experts.

approved by IP experts


The aim is to help others to get a good understanding about this subject in a way they can implement themselves.

get a good understanding


I know people who have suffered the consequences of not knowing about their IP in their creativity and this has meant they have been taken for a ride.

don't get taken for a ride


You can see more about this important subject at these links:

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Intellectual Property FREE Webinars


Intellectual Property Free Webinars


With a selection of options on the course available too:

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Intellectual Property Courses


Or alternatively you can check out the website here:


Take a look to learn about this vital subject, you'll be glad you did!


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