Being Appreciated

Being Appreciated

With everyone talking about the environment at the moment with COP 26 Climate Change Convention recently being held in Glasgow, we are all being reminded to look at our own contribution to climate change.


The changes to recycle clothes, cycle places, alongside all the other moves to greener power, eating less meat and so on is being brought to everyone's attention. I was talking to someone how they buy second hand presents for each other for Christmas rather than buying new. Someone else said they use newspaper or brown paper to wrap Christmas presents rather than buying wrapping paper. We talked about recycling envelopes and packaging too to reduce waste.


In this digital age we have moved over to communicating digitally, and that is good for the environment, but in doing so we lose something in the process - we lose our social interaction. It isn't so good for the soul.


Young and old alike, we love receiving a handwritten note in the post and opening up the treasures inside. It speaks of gratitude, thoughtfulness, being remembered. Not to mention how great it is when you open a little package with handwritten notes and gifts inside. I received a little package like this from my family in lockdown. My heart melted!


Have you thought about how this can help your relationships personally and in business?

I was taught by my parents growing up to write thank you notes after birthdays, Christmas, staying with people or after special events. This makes the recipient know their event, gift or letter is appreciated and not received in vain. The adverse is true. Without a letter, how does the sender know it arrived? Did it get lost in the post? Do you keep sending year after year if it's not even acknowledged, let alone appreciated?


I'm not talking about generic notes that feel like you are part of an impersonal process, I'm talking about handwritten, thoughtful, personal notes that show you have been considered, that you are valued. 


Or how about as a business you send a Christmas card to your customers to thank them for their business and to trigger a reminder to do business with you in 2022? Not junk mail, but personalised correspondence. Few people send them these days but we do notice the ones we do receive. 

I have a few packs of Christmas cards that are still available to purchase. £4.99 for a pack of 10 with envelopes.

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I also have packs of notecards at a super-duper sale price of £2.99 for a pack of 10, that can be used for many different occasions.

There are 5 designs in 3 different colourways, so you can pick and choose between them for different recipients. They come with envelopes and are blank inside for your personalised messages.

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This Christmas and in 2022 let's take the time to appreciate each other, Covid has shown us time and time again that life is precious and we can't take our relationships for granted. In doing so we can help each other by creating things that are treasured and kept, not thrown away. 


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