Wobbly Wheels

Wobbly Wheels

One thing I have discovered in lockdown is my love for cross country cycling.

I used to cycle indoors but when I was given the options of a dark room with lots of other sweaty bodies or the beautiful views of the great Yorkshire countryside, there was frankly no competition!



I have really enjoyed going off road and going on adventures cross country. 

Uphill and down dale, this has certainly meant I've got my heart working and my legs to work. Sometimes both the bike and I come back mud splattered, but we've had lots of fun. I've had punctures and a few falls but this hasn't stopped me going on these adventures. 

I am not yet able to complete any of the 'Tour de Yorkshire' routes as some of those hills are hard core, but I still give the less gruelling ones my best shot. 



In all the time I've been cycling, I have never cycled with a wobbly wheel. That wouldn't be safe or wise. In cycling we would never do it but we often do it in life. We are often moving along with wobbly wheels!

The Wheel of Life is a tool that's designed to help evaluate how balanced life is and consequently how easily it would turn, if it was a wheel. We take the different sections of our lives and decide on a scale of 1-10 where we are at the current time in each area.

One is the least satisfied and 10 is the most satisfied. 



When we see it visually we can see the areas where we’re strong and other areas that are weak or need some more attention. 

When the dots are joined the shape may look a little like this one:

Wheel of life

I’ve done this exercise a number of times and found at times that my wheel has been decidedly imbalanced and certainly wouldn’t turn smoothly. 

This test and a whole lot of other tests and tools are available on my free course: 'Know Yourself', designed to help you use tools to get to know yourself better. I initially designed it for creative people, but it's relevant for anyone who is interested in their own life journey.

You can check out this free course here:


Know Yourself Free Course


Take a look at your life and see how your wheel turns!

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