Self Care is the Best Care

Self Care is the Best Care

If you are anything like me, I have a default setting of FFWD and STOP.



I am told this is very common with business owners and entrepreneurs. 

We have goals, visions, plans, deadlines and procrastination isn't usually our biggest challenge, it's usually balance. 



But maybe you aren't a business owner, maybe you are working from home and are finding it difficult without a normal work structure. 

Most of us aren't Superman or Superwoman and somewhere in our lives we have some brakes that bring us to a stop. It might be your body, your mind, your family or your circumstances. 

Whatever your brakes are, we need to listen to them. My Dad has often said to me 'Pace Yourself!' He'd know as he was a business owner and entrepreneur himself. 



My body is often my brakes and it's stopped a few times in my life. I have recognised that to stop the braking cycle changes are needed. Some ways I've been working on being purposeful in this last year include practical things like getting away every 3 months, shorter working weeks and proper lunch hours. I talk to other people who are self employed and they have similar issues!

I also have read this very helpful book that gives some very practical advice on how to manage yourself and your natural limitations to avoid burnout. You can check the book out here: 



Factoring in the things that replenish and fill back up, the things that bring joy and alleviate stress and pressure. A work life balance. 

More working on the different speeds: PLAY. REWIND. FFWD. STOP. PAUSE.

Essential parts to living a healthy, balanced life. I'm working on it!


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