I love Spring. It's my favourite time of year! I've been enjoying seeing my new flowers come up in my pots that I helped my Mum plant for me :-) Beautiful!



I had a number of things that went out in the press over the last few weeks that I was notified of recently. This is one I've been given permission to share with you - from Machine Knitting Monthly :-)


Others were in Lancashire Life, My Weekly Mag and a German magazine called Gute Woche which Google translates for me as 'Good Week'. That was in addition to being shared on social media on and on Pesto Champion too which was good!


I have been getting ready to launch my new courses and I had a chat with my sister who has lots of experience with coaching and training. This was the result... in a good way!


This course is now ready: File Types and Sizes for Designers and Artists. If you've ever wondered what file type you should choose and why and what are the benefits and downfalls of each type, this course is for you. It's free!

You can find it here:



I started out by trying to uploading this course to an online platform. Within 7 days I'd got 605 students which was a big surprise! So that's changing my plans somewhat...



And A Beginner's Guide to Intellectual Property for Designers and Artists course that will be live on the 11th...


This will be available in 3 versions...
Professional, Basic and Live Classes, so all will be revealed on the 11th...


The third course is Top 30 Social Media and Time Saving Tools, to help anyone, not just designers. It's action packed with a wide range to help make things quicker and easier and it'll be ready on the 11th too. 

Thank you for being part of this journey, I wish you every blessing as we move forward out of lockdown...

Love Anna

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