How much we can save ourselves heartache by learning from other's mistakes!



Their lessons will save us time, money and a whole lot more. We can learn so much from those who have trod the roads before us and found out where the pitfalls are, the bumps in the road and the things to avoid.

In our present age we are full of places we can go to learn. Whether we like books, video or audio, the vast array of resources – both free and paid for, are there for us to glean from.



Read, listen and watch about people that are successful and learn from them. So often just spending time with them inspiring you will change your thinking. You learn from them that all the successful people weren’t afraid to step out and fail. They also knew how to get back up when they did fail and failing was part of them being a success.

We will all fail and we will succeed, as an American film actor Mickey Rooney said “You always pass failure on your way to success.”



We love to hear the success stories but so often forget that one of the reasons they succeeded was because they found themselves at destination Failure but didn't stop there. We will all get to the place called Failure at some point, and if we are honest, we can find ourselves there many times. The key is when we get there, to make sure it's a visit, not a place we stay. At times when we fail and need encouragement, these stories help inject strength for us to get back up.

Let us be teachable and learn from others. Their lessons have the ability to speed up our success. 


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