I was approached a little while ago to do a design commission for my sister, for some stoles for her up and coming ordination to become a minister in the Church of England.

Religious vestments come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours including position, religion, denomination and so on. They have history and symbolism. This is a whole world in itself!


I have been commissioned to do one before but this time there were 4 that she was asking for. These had different meanings for their colours: 


Liturgical Colours & what they mean


Nicola, my family and I discussed all this at length and agreed on 4 colours to cover the following. 

1) White with Gold - to cover Easter, Christmas, Celebrations

2) Red - for Pentecost, Apostles and Martyr days

3) Purple - for Lent and Advent

4) Green - for the rest of the year.I started out with gathering fabrics for the jobs so I could put the design ideas together. 





Then the creative juices were able to flow! 

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