Hi Everyone

We are living in very challenging times! We are adjusting to new ways of living and working and seeing that the things we used to focus on don't seem important any more. Life itself is precious and we are seeing how that impacts our every day. We cannot take these things for granted. 

But we can take comfort that this is only part of the story and there's more to come, we need to hang in there with whatever we are facing right now!

#nofearhere #hope


In the midst of the challenges, I have been creating another course this month which is all about Knowing Yourself. This is using tools that help us to find out more about who we are and how we can be more effective in our lives, relationships and our endeavours. You can see the preview here:


I am certainly not the best person in front of the camera which is quite a challenge as I'm sharing about what I'm doing - but hey, the only way is up from here! ​


One of my friends Richard did the course and did a review for me, which was great. 

This isn't just for designers, but anyone who'd like to know more about themselves might want to check it out, as it's free.

"As a freelance graphic designer I am always looking to grow and learn, both creatively and in running a successful business. 

I was not aware of the range of tools out there to help me do this. Anna’s friendly and engaging style opened up some new directions to explore, with a helpful workbook for recording personal responses and learning. 

The course also asks many useful questions to help define purpose, goals and so on. 

The course is not designed to explore each area in depth but rather to act as a jumping off point to guide you towards a deeper exploration on the various topics and Anna does this very well."


I've been getting more testimonies in on my social media and time saving course too. One of my friends Marg did it too and this was her feedback:

"There are so many apps out there it can be a minefield. Especially if you're working in a full time job and have a side hustle, there is no time to figure it all out This course was fantastic in identifying some useful tools that are user friendly and free to help, even if you’re not an artist or even in business. Amanya takes you through step by step all you can use the app for and how to get started in popular uses. I even learnt a new use for an app I use very often!

The course is easy to understand and put into practice for yourself, and well worth the price. Thank you Amanya Design!'


The next course I am developing is all about Intellectual Property of Designers and Artists, so that's next to be working on. Which is proving to be a bit of a monster...!

If you know people that might be interested in seeing the school, please feel free to pass it on. 

Over coming days please stay safe!

Love Anna


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