As I am writing this, we are facing issues all over the world over race and colour following the death of George Floyd. I'm having conversations with my black and coloured friends about what is going on and I'm hearing their personal stories of injustice and pain.

I want to help them bring about lasting change so their lives can be different! I am just one person, but collectively we can come together to bring about change. 

#blacklivesdomatter #injustice #pain #change #loveyourneighbour

Photo by Life Matters from Pexels


In the midst of that, I have just run a 21 day promotion for my courses to raise awareness of my new school. I managed to automate my posts so I don't need to be tied to my computer each day - phew!

As no-one will know about what I'm doing if I don't get the word out there....


I'm getting great feedback from my students which is really encouraging! 

Emma's Testimony

"As a creative freelancer working in the theatre and arts sector, design software, social media and communication platforms are key to my working processes.

The Amanya course was great for me on several levels; some areas introduced me to new and exciting options of software to incorporate into my working processes, whilst some of the other tutorials helped me to refresh up on tools and skills. All of which will be very useful for me to increase efficiency in the future.

The courses are well presented, easy to follow and extremely useful. Thank you Amanya Design!"


If you know people that might be interested in seeing the school, please feel free to pass it on.

Over coming days please stay safe!


Love Anna


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